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DevelopYours—a spin on the word "developers"—is a doctorate-level team of problem solvers with diverse backgrounds such as particle physics, astronomy, chemistry, and computer engineering. We strive to help local businesses solve their specific problems related to software development and data science.

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Our website needs are promptly and professionally met by DevelopYours. Jake Rosenzweig has been a pleasure to work with and Birch Pointe Condominium Association looks forward to developing our website with his expertise. — Don, Secretary of Birch Pointe Condominium Association

When a major part of our Virtual Reality software malfunctioned, we looked for an affordable IT specialist with expertise in Python to identify the problem and suggest the best fix. We chose DevelopYours, and they more than delivered. Jake and Sankalp took the time to fully understand the nature of our problem, thoroughly reviewed our code, and created detailed documentation of every potential issue they observed. Ultimately, they identified that our problem originated from a dysfunction in the way in which our software was communicating with an integrated module, and they gave us several helpful suggestions about how to improve our code and to reduce the chances of bugs in the future. We were impressed by their professionalism as well as multiple aspects of their intervention, from the clear expectations they set about deliverables, to the speed with which they arrived at a diagnosis, and their efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. A hearty thank you to the DevelopYours team for a job well done. — John, CEO of Outlier Technology

Dr. Jake Rosenzweig

Dr. Jake Rosenzweig

Ph.D. in Particle Physics (UF, 2022)

Jake's journey has taken him from doing chemistry in the lab, to particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider (Higgs boson decays), and has now led him to become a full-time software developer and entrepreneur. He is the kind of guy who likes to weightlift, play ultimate frisbee, and read anything by Brandon Sanderson (check out Mistborn!).

Dr. Sankalp Gilda

Dr. Sankalp Gilda

Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Ph.D. in Astronomy (UF, 2021)

Sankalp is a seasoned machine learning engineer with expertise in uncertainty quantification, physics-inspired ML, and explainable AI. He excels at weaving narratives and applying his technical skills to solve impactful business challenges.

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